summary and background

Born in the UK to Irish parents, Chris O’Leary lives and works in West Yorkshire. She gained a first class honours degree and MA in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in The Politics of Representation from Bradford University. She has also recently gained a first class honours degree in Applied Arts. Chris has mainly worked as a full-time educationalist. During this time she also sustained her practice as a photo-artist. To date her interests have been primarily concerned with constructions of national identities and subjectivity within visual representation, working with installation, print and photography. Formally, her work explores the visual possibilities of digital imaging, photography and print in relation to ceramics in two and three dimensional forms. Her newer work returns to more basic concerns in handling materials and processes and privileges the integration of technology and craft as a way of visually articulating the conceptual.

‘My work is concerned with narratives of absence; of knowledge/location/histories. It is also concerned with the contested space of liminality and with the fragility of images that, like wraiths, inhabit the imaginary’.

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